His Hot Little Balls Bounce As He Jerks Off

The first thing that caught my eye about Lucky Daniels was his smile. Yes, before I even got a look at the hunk of meat between those well-built muscular legs, I noticed his infectious grin that makes you want to smile right along with him. Lucky is a perfect name for him because anyone would be lucky to have his adorable good looks, sculpted muscles and sparkling personality. He says his favorite things are sports and masturbating. Well, if all that exercise from dribbling the ball or running from base to base produces the kind of muscles that cover this handsome stud’s body then he must masturbate a lot because his love muscle looks well worked out. And watching him lovingly stroking it, hitting all the right places, his hot little balls bouncing up and down with the motion of his tight sinewy forearms, its enough to make your mouth water.

Lucky runs his fingers over the perfectly formed ridges around his pecs, six-pack abs and neatly trimmed patch of pubes and then pulls down on the base of his hard cock so that it strains for release. You can see the tension as he wants to cum but holds back so he can give you a good show. A light sheen of sweat builds on his honey brown skin as he works his tool, and he gets to the point where he can’t hold back any longer and with a sensually soft moan he shoots long sticky ropes of cum all over his smooth torso. Hmmm… I love this guy!

Lucky Daniels

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