Masculine Biker Shows Off His Hard Shaft

Xander Scott is a hot young college dude I found on the web. Here’s the story pf how he was discovered:

“I had been chatting with Xander online about possibly posing for some pics and was impressed with his bright personality and flirty nature. We decided to meet up for coffee so I could check him out in person as well as go over the details about what he wanted to do in the shoot. While I was waiting for him this gorgeous mystery man came pulling up on a motorcycle. I couldn’t see his face because of his helmet and sunglasses but his shirt was open and flowing in the breeze behind him showing off a well build chest, and as he hopped off of the bike I could see that his tight jeans framed his perfect ass. I was starting to wonder if I should call Xander and reschedule so I could chase this biker hottie down when he walked right up to me and introduced himself. It was none other than Xander himself! I immediately knew how I was going to shoot him. I took him to my garage and had him strip down to his boots. He looked so hot, laying down on his sexy silver motorcycle, running those masculine hands over his well sculpted body. He’s so sleek and smooth, with tight curves in all the right places, that for a moment it seemed like man and machine had become one. He must handle his gear shift well because of the expert way he wraps those hands around that thick love muscle of his. He’s really comfortable in front of the camera and it’s obvious he gets off on being watched. Dark, mysterious and sexy, that’s Xander!”

And I must agree, Xander is one of my favorites too!

Xander Scott

Hunky College Dude Gets Nude For You

Here’s a sexy college hunk I’d like to introduce you to. His name is Dex McGreggor and he has some great energy and an amazing accent, plus a huge dick for you to drool at. It’s big, uncut and full of sexual power. Dex grabs hold of it and works it like there’s no tomorrow. He said that he loves to jerk off and you can really tell from watching his video. See if you can make it to the end when he squirts out a huge load of hot jizz all over his chest. If you love sexy college hunks you’ll love these photos featuring Dex!

Dex McGreggor