Southern Straight Boy With A Huge Dick

Sean Rawlings is one of those guys that was a complete and total surprise to me. This guy really makes my motor run! Sean grew up in the northeast and has now made Florida his home. I love those southern boys even if they are transplanted! Sean is an extremely busy guy who spends most of his time traveling with work and doesn’t get much of a chance to do something different and fun… like porn work, for instance.

I loved Sean’s body when I first saw it and when he started to undress in his video and I saw every muscle ripple and that soft polite smile I wanted to undress as well… and I did! Once he peeled off his shorts and reveled that huge dick I knew I was in lust. Seriously this guy is the total package. Sean took his time in front of the camera playing with his body and stroking that beautiful cock! And there is plenty of footage of him showing off that bubble ass as well. Sean is someone you’ll want to take a closer look at.

Sean Rawlings

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